Surface Mount, Mixed, Manual and Mechanical

Surface Mount Technology

Surface Mount TechnologyWe are equipped with an Assembleon-Philips Topaz X's with LCS Automated Pick and Place component mounter. This Sapphire platform reaches speeds up to 20,000 components per hour and has a wide component range from 0402 to 45 x 100 mm (BGA, CSP, Connector, Odds). Accompanying our Fine Pitch Placer is a Philips Eclipse II high speed component mounter. This system features a twin head gantry with 16 nozzles per head, which delivers over 15,000 SMDs/Hour. It also has full “in flight” visual alignment ranging down to 0402. This system accommodates up to 112 feeders allowing for a wide mix of board designs.

Mixed Tech PCB’s

Mixed Tech PCB’sToby-Yanni meets production needs for Mixed and Plated Through Hole technology PCB printed circuit board assemblies. All production hardware is profiled to suit each individual configuration.

We utilize volume production methods to assemble your product as efficiently as possible. We perform 100% inspection and all appropriate ESD precautions are adhered to when handling hardware. Inspection and handling requirements are in accordance with; IPC-610, Class 3.

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